On my way across the bridge to New Jersey, ahead of the moving truck containing all our belongings, I discovered that just because I’m still close to good old’ NYC, the world of suburbia is indeed very different.

I first found out, much to my horrorification, I can’t order take out after 9 pm. Yup.
Getting lost while on a Sunday drive, I made a U turn in the parking lot of a gigantic mall…. closed on Sundays.  And yet, I found nirvana: A man actually holding the door open for women. Chivalry is alive!

So I adjust by ordering take out earlier and make sure I go to the grocery store on a regular. I’ve come to appreciate the quiet and friendliness of the burbs, the ample free parking,  and accurate GPS directions (although crooked landlords are a universal affliction – long story).

Along with the move, I went back to school, now completing my second year of Ministry Studies at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development; one more year and hopefully ordination in 2019.

The expected and surprising changes of the last two years pushed me to accept one precious gift: to dream again.  My vision for my music took a back seat for a little while. That ‘little while’ is officially over.

So who ever said: “Do one thing a day toward your vision” was absolutely right!  Taking this advice to heart, I’m thrilled that one my pop tunes (yes, pop tune), was accepted for publication by Soda Box Music last fall.

I’m back in the studio, taking those final steps toward completing Grace Drums’ EP. I can’t wait to upload it to the Dennerymusic.com website later this summer. And wait! Grace Drums’ powerful djembe workshops for women are still going strong. It’s now time to take them on road.

So how do you climb a mountain? One step at a time. My to do list is long, as I am sure yours is too. At this point in my life, I simply refuse to put my energy behind worry, adding stuff to my list just for the sake of doing it. I ask myself one simple question: Is this is line with my vision?

With a yes, a ‘To-Do’ now transmutes into an Accomplishment. It could be one email to keep in touch with a colleague, or practicing one scale on the violin, or quickly grabbing my phone to record my latest shower rhythm so I won’t forget.

I finally got it: boiling down the art of change to the art of ONE- step a day, and having great fun while at it!

Welcome to Dennery Music. To be honest I’m not sure where these changes are leading, I do know it is some place awesome.

Best and blessings,