Well, in a nutshell:
After 10 years of directing, and performing with Grace Drums and its predecessor BaTuBa Percussions, I have made the exciting decision to laser focus Grace Drums efforts to powerful djembe workshops for Grown Women. Check out my blog Change is a bear isn’t it! for all the juicy details.

Alas, Grace Drums performances are on hold indefinitely, in keeping with my newfound philosophy of one-step-at-a-time. The Grace Drums FB fan page will also be taken down once the full website for Dennerymusic.com is up this summer. So send me a friend request at FB/gabrielladennery before the switch!

You will also find me on instagram @dennerymusic, and on LinkedIn at Gabriella Dennery.
No worries, it’s going to be good.

Best and blessings,